Crystal Guide

Just a little bit of guidance on some common crystals & their metaphysical properties...

Clear Quartz


The master healer. It is amazing at storing, regulating and unblocking energy. It aids with concentration and can help attune you to your spiritual purpose. It acts as a deep soul cleanser taking the beholders energy back to a pure state.




Extremely powerful and protective stone that blocks stress and negative energies. Amethyst is a highly calming stone that allows clear thinking and decision making. It balances and grounds emotions and aids with sleep.

Rose Quartz


The love stone. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart brining deep healing and self-love.

It gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with love, a sense of calm, and inner peace. It can also teach you forgiveness.



Larimar radiates love and peace. It helps to remove self-imposed blockages and assists in taking control of your life. It can also help during periods of stress and removing fear. It is a calming stone which brings clarity.


Black Obsidian


A very powerful and creative stone which grounds the soul. It can take you deeper into your mind and bring imbalances to light.

Black obsidian is protective and helps to repel and disperse negative energy.



The stone of new beginnings. It has a strong connection to the moon and teaches us that life cycles just the same. It is a very calming stone which balances energies and stabilizes emotions. It can also enhance psychic abilities.

Snowflake Obsidian


A calming and soothing stone, it teaches you to value your mistakes and provides balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Obsidian is a powerful protector and grounding stone which helps to dispel negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli


Known as the king’s stone, Lapis Lazuli aids in releasing stress and brining peace. It is a highly protective stone which harmonizes energies and bring balance. It also encourages self-awareness.



Amazonite is a powerful filtering crystal for electromagnetic energy. It is an extremely soothing crystal which balances energies and emotions, while calming the brain and central nervous system.  



The stone of prosperity. Aventurine helps to protect you from environmental pollution and electromagnetic smog. It is an all-round healer which stabilizes the mind and can be worn for luck.

Ocean Jasper


A stone of renewal and strength, it teaches us wise use of power and will. It helps with self-love as well as love towards others. It reminds us that nature is cyclic and rhythmic and helps us to cope with change.



Opalite aids in transitions and change of all kinds. It helps with communication, removes any energy blockages, and gives us strength to persist in hard times. It can also help business success and is a high energy stone.



A nurturing stone and a powerful cleanser which promotes good will. This stone helps to absorb and dissipate negative energy. It brings mind body and emotions to harmony. It also helps to remove hostility and bring joy to the wearer



A highly protective stone which helps you to realise when outside influences are at work within you. It cleanses and stabilizes the aura and protect against EMS. It can help to overcome chaos and bring organization to everyday life.

Gold Tigers Eye


Tigers Eye takes the energy of the sun and combines it with the earths. It was carried for centuries as a protective talisman to ward off evil and curses. It can help you to accomplish your goals and be able to see with clear reason.