All about Crystals by Kate


How it all began

Hi! I'm Katie and I have always had a passion for crystals and the natural world. After finding a way to express my creativity through making jewellery and other bits and bobs, I decided to share my love of crystals with others. Crystals by Kate is my current full time job, however I am currently studying to go into animal conservation, 2020 allowed me the time to start this small business and I will be forever grateful.


I am extremely conscious of environmental issues and try to reduce my impact as much as possible, so I aim to be using 100% recyclable packaging materials by the end of the first year in business. 

I am also aware of the ethical issues around crystal sourcing and try my best to only buy ethically sourced crystals. It isn't always possible to know the origins of a crystal, however, I make my best efforts to only buy from sellers I trust. This ensures high standards and quality products that you can feel comfortable wearing and showing off.

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